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about Our amazing team

Professional & dedicated

Our teachers and organisers are highly professionally trained individuals in program content as well as specific children and youngsters approach to learn life-skills.

Cristina Tuscano

Cristina is a psychopedagogist specialised in counselling and conflict management in the family and at school. She has 19 years of experience in teaching and heads the Art of Living Educational Europe Department. She is often described as humble, yet full of wisdom; a joy and inspiration to be around of.

Luisa Braun

Luisa is still studying and also holds the position of Marketing & Communications Manager in Art of Living Educational and Sumeru marketing. Her true passion is sharing all she learned with kids and youth, from her own, now six-year experience of practising meditation and breathing techniques.

Anna Magalhaes

Anna is a graphic designer by education, which is also her love and passion. Young and well-accomplished in her professional life, she is also a dynamic youth and adults teacher since several years. For Anna cooperation is a 'must'- for personal growth, as well as establishing strong bonds of trust as a society.

Mina Ercel

Mina is professionally in the financial and banking sector, working as a Financial Consultant. Personally, she has been practicing yoga, meditation and breathing techniques and incorporating the philosophy behind it since 2001. She teaches a range of programs in Turkey and internationally.

Sunita Chauhan

Sunita has been working with the Art of Living on various projects and programs. As a youth trainer, she is very passionate to work with kids and youth. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and worked with the European Sri Sri School of Yoga. She has been teaching in India and Europe.

Teaching teenagers is fun and challenging as well as a great responsibility. You have to be authentic, or else… Teaching is a journey of self-discovery and reconnection to my own childhood and teenage experiences.

Dr. Mrinalini Kochupillai

Lecturer and post-doc researcher, Director, SIRN

Sharing these tools with children and youth is about learning how to be more caring to myself and others. How to balance empowering youth while nurturing their capacity of integration and connection to others.

Ilana Volcov

Bachelors in Architecture and Urbanism, masters in Music (singer)

I found that conducting kids and youth courses opens new avenues for learning. Teaching can also be not so easy but with sincerity and the element of fun, it can be life-changing for both - kids and teacher.

Alen Ptičar

Pre-school educator, kindergarten teacher

Children need art and science, creativity and stimulation, they need some quiet time as well as action, intellect and wonder. It is all about turning challenges into adventures - and this is what the Educational programs provide.

Su Bowerman

High-school teacher, first Educational courses teacher in Europe
about Our teachers

Caring role-models

From all corners of Europe, our teachers have done a vigorous personal-skills training in order to set powerful examples for youth.
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Senior Teachers

learn We share, we care

Become a teacher

Art of Educational Teacher Training - to share techniques and learning processes with children and youth.

Start your life-changing experience in great company with guaranteed fun and deep learnings. Make friends for life and learn how to interact with children. Learn how to be an anchor for your students, and at the same time allowing them to grow to their full potential.

This training brings a lot of personal transformation and growth, as well as learning a lot of practical skills and teaching methodology. The Teacher Training Program is a 2-week intensive training where you discover see your own capabilities are more than you ever imagined.

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