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FAQ Page

1. How long are the Art of Living Educational programs?

The programs are usually held from 4 to 6 days. Each day contains sessions of 3 to 4 hours.

2. Are the Art of Living Educational programs residential?

All the programs can be both non-residential as well as residential (in the form of a full-immersion program such as a children’s camp).

3. Can these programs be held during school hours?

The programs are preferably held outside of the usual school hours, but the program can be adjusted according to the school’s capacity.

4. How much do the Art of Living Educational programs cost?

The programs fees vary according to country, number of participants, residential or non-residential etc. For more information please fill in the form on the contact page.

5. What is the Art of Living Educational staff’s training?

Our teachers are professionally trained individuals that need to fulfil a list of requirements before attending the final training. The teacher training is a vigorous, yet enjoyable training with a selection exam at the end to test the knowledge and skills of the future teachers. 

6. Is there a school representative present during the program (when held in schools)?

A school representative is more than welcome to join the program. Preferably it would be one person throughout the program to measure the children’s progress

7. Can the follow-up sessions be conducted by the school staff?

Yes, it is possible for the follow-up sessions to be conducted by the school staff – they would need to be fully trained by us.

8. What are the basic requirements to have a program in a school?

The programs would be best held in a space that is dedicated to us from beginning till end. An empty and clean space, where the teachers and participants will not enter in shoes. According to the capacity of the school, preferably not in the gym, but in a library space, a music room, or any kind of extra-activities room.