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Who we are

A global organisation dedicated to the pedagogical application of the scientifically proven Art of Living method.

What we do

We empower individuals and strengthen families, which creates strong communities and a stress- and violence-free society.

How we do it

By re-kindling human values in individuals with the Sudarshan Kriya™️ and the Art of Living Intuition process techniques.









about Unique methodology

Life-skills programs

Through our programs we empower kids, youth and adults to learn to find inner stability, strength, and kindle human values inborn in each individual.

Our global holistic approach works with scientifically proven tools, such as the Sudarshan Kriya™️ and the Art of Living Intuition process as well as yoga and meditation. We work with with kids, youth, parents, educators, families and educational institutions from kindergarten to university and organisations operating in the field of training and education. Our vision is to nourish a balanced lifestyle for individuals and stress-free and violence-free society.

process World-wide impact

370+ million lives

Teaching teenagers is fun and challenging as well as a great responsibility. You have to be authentic, or else… Teaching is a journey of self-discovery and reconnection to my own childhood and teenage experiences.

Sharing these tools with children and youth is about learning how to be more caring to myself and others. How to balance empowering youth while nurturing their capacity of integration and connection to others.

I found that conducting kids and youth courses opens new avenues for learning. Teaching can also be not so easy but with sincerity and the element of fun, it can be life-changing for both - kids and teacher.

Children need art and science, creativity and stimulation, they need some quiet time as well as action, intellect and wonder. It is all about turning challenges into adventures - and this is what the Educational programs provide.

Dr. Mrinalini Kochupillai

Lecturer and post-doc researcher, Director, SIRN

Ilana Volcov

Bachelors in Architecture and Urbanism, masters in Music (singer)

Alen Ptičar

Pre-school educator, kindergarten teacher

Su Bowerman

High-school teacher, first Educational courses teacher in Europe

An educational and humanitarian organisation

Art of Living Educational is a branch of the Art of Living Foundation, an educational and humanitarian organisation engaged in stress-management and service initiatives with one of the largest volunteer bases in the world. It has spread peace across communities through diverse humanitarian projects, including conflict resolution, disaster relief, sustainable rural development, empowerment of women, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all, and environmental sustainability, since 1981.

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