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YES!2 Course

YES!2 Course


About this course

Are you ready to go deeper? To take on new challenges? To experience something you have never experienced before? To discover new aspects of yourself? Dive into yourself. Break through your limits. Meet new friends. Access your inner talent and power. YES!2 is the turning point of your life, that you have been waiting for. Experience deep meditation, the secret of silence and the power of dynamism. Learn new breathing techniques to focus your mind, for headache and backache.

  • Re-energise body, mind and intellect
  • Overcome mental constraints and fears
  • Become a natural leader

YES!2 (for 13-18 years) is a powerful combination of dynamic yoga, fun group processes and deep meditation for YES! graduates only.

More information

Who is this program best suited for?

The YES!2 program is for those who have already attended the YES! program, age 13-18 years.

What is the format of this program?

The duration of the program is 4-6 days, each day filled with content. This program is usually residential.

How can I register my teen for this program?

To find out more about our programs Europe-wide, please contact our dedicated staff by clicking HERE.