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First Step Workshops

First Step Workshops


About this course

First Step – Parents

A free 1hr ‘First Step’ Workshop for parents

Get a concrete experience of what your child will learn in the ART Excel or YES! program. Fun and some deep learning are guaranteed. And all your questions will be answered. Take home a technique that quickly boosts your energy and brings you back to a calm, relaxed state of mind and experience the power of meditation. Plus, it’s an opportunity to connect to other parents and exchange experiences. Take this first step towards unbound possibilities for your child.


First Step – ART Excel 

A free 1hr Workshop for children 8 – 12 yrs old years old

You want your child to have an experience of how fun yoga and meditation can be? You want to enrol your child for the ART Excel course but you are not sure yet if it will like and benefit from it? Or you want your child to learn something new and practical which is not taught in school? If the answer to at least one of these questions is a “yes”, ART Excel First Step is for you. In this free 1hr Workshop for 8 – 12 year olds, participants learn a technique to get full focus and calmness within just a few minutes, practice simple yoga exercises and play fun games. This Workshop is the perfect preparation for the ART Excel course – our program for 8 – 12 year olds. 

Your child will take home:

  • a quick breathing technique for better focus
  • practical yogic knowledge for daily life
  • the memory of how much fun yoga is


First Step – YES! 

A free 1hr Workshop for youth 13 – 18 years old

Take the first step towards living life to its fullest potential. Bold. Free. Happy.

Discover a dynamic breathing technique to take home, which will fill you with new energy in just a few minutes. Experience how a short meditation can leave you fully focused, calm and content. Make new friends with fun group discussions and games. Get an experience of what is waiting for you in the YES! Program and ask any questions you might have about it.

What participants say about the course:

“It changed my life. I now see the world with completely different eyes and simply know what’s right and what’s wrong, what good and less good friends are.”

“I opened up a lot and learned to trust others.”

“I now know how to deal with challenging situations in a positive way.”

“The course reduced my stress rapidly. I’m very happy to now have a solution to deal with all the pressure.”


First Step – YES!+ 

A free 1,5hr Workshop for young adults 18 – 32 years old

Introductory workshop for the YES!+ seminar. We learn the basics about energy sources and how to use them in order to reach our full potential on a daily basis. Specifically aimed at students, we learn about the nature of the mind, and the power of breath, complemented with a breathing workshop and relaxation techniques that can already be done at home after the free workshop.

Topics also include: Stress-management; managing the mind and emotions; interpersonal relationships; leadership development; study and time management skills; personal and social responsibility.


More information

Who is this program best suited for?

The first step programs are dedicated to either parents, or children, or teenagers.

What is the format of this program?

A one-hour free interactive workshop.

How can I register myself or my children for this program?

To find out more about our programs Europe-wide, please contact our dedicated staff by clicking HERE.