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Programs for parents and educators

Our programs and free sessions

In order for parents' and educators’ to learn how to reduce and deal with stress, we offer relaxing techniques, enrich mutual dialogue and connection.

Holiday Programs

A golden opportunity to meet children and parents from different backgrounds, learn from each other, and strengthen bonding in the family.

Educators Workshops

In order for youth to have the best examples of what they are teaching, adults need to work on improving their own attitudes.

about Our educational attitude

Being an example

Our programs for educators alleviate teachers’ stress with simple, yet impactful techniques, enrich dialogue and connection between colleagues, and boost team morale, supporting a healthy learning environment.

The educational attitude is a positive attitude of the teacher combined with the attitude of acceptance towards oneself, the children, youth and parents. The Art of Living method builds up on the methodology that acceptance is the healthiest way to support a change in a human being. As a teacher, the aim is to be an inspiring example for children from whom they can learn. Therefore the adults need to work on their own attitudes to be a living example of what they are teaching.

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30 Million people benefited

Discipline in my class was a real problem. Now the pupils respect me as well as each other.

My work used to stress me a lot. I didn’t think it was possible to feel better without changing one’s working conditions.

Maria came from school and told me that the course had changed her life. She could now see the world with completely different eyes and simply know what's right and what's wrong, who of her friends are good and less good friends. It is very impressive what those few days have made.

It was really challenging but now I have the solutions to all my problems! So grateful!

In my class there is a child who takes up all my attention and keeps my attention away from the class. Now I understand what she needs and so I can also attend better to the other children.

When a mother stresses me, I now know which technique to use to remain calm and then to really understand what she needs.

We talk a lot about quality of life. Finally we have something concrete to help us live better at home and at school.

High-school teacher

Educational program participant

An employee ATA (non-academic staff)

Educational program participant

Children's program participant

Kiran, Maria's father

Children's program participant

Primary-school teacher

Educational program participant

An educator

Educational program participant

A teacher

Educational program participant

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Become a teacher

Art of Educational Teacher Training - to share techniques and learning processes with children and youth.

Start your life-changing experience in great company with guaranteed fun and deep learnings. Make friends for life and learn how to interact with children. Learn how to be an anchor for your students, and at the same time allowing them to grow to their full potential.

This training brings a lot of personal transformation and growth, as well as learning a lot of practical skills and teaching methodology. The Teacher Training Program is a 2-week intensive training where you discover see your own capabilities are more than you ever imagined.