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Community Education

Presenting to you Art of Living Educational’s online initiative to bring holistic support to Students, Teachers & Parents during the CoVid crisis.

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Adapting to the crisis

At Your Service!

We are collectively experiencing the global phenomenon of being locked in our homes. While it is an opportunity to spend more time with family, the closure of schools also leaves a big gap in the productive routine of our children. We understand the challenges of teachers having to quickly shift their entire teachings online and parents having to adapt to home schooling, working from home and running the home too!

The Art of Living is continuing to support individuals, families & communities online during this time with their programs aiding stress and anxiety relief, mental health, enhancing immunity and building inner peace, stability and confidence.

The Art of Living Educational would like to extend its support during this crucial time specifically to educational institutions.

Our Free Offerings

For Teachers & Parents

We understand that parents and teachers are now playing multiple roles at once, adapting to limited space, tools & time. While you are busy being a resource to your children, let us look after YOUR inner resources.


Online Tools

Free access to our YouTube playlist of selected content translatable in different languages that offer short and easily accessible guided Art of Living techniques to relax, repose and recharge through physical postures, breath awareness and meditation. Some of these videos are just 5 mins, short but profoundly effective; perfect for a busy, hectic schedule.


Live Interactive Sessions

Free group interactive online sessions of 30-60 minutes facilitated by experienced teachers with mind management and stress relief Art of Living techniques.
Flexible and customised according to group needs.


Exclusive Sessions

One to one private sessions for Administrators, Managers and Principals.

Our Free Offerings

For Students

We are aware that students are already attending multiple hours of online classes. Art of Living Educational is offering a different dimension to holistic learning for youth.


Online Tools

Free access to our YouTube playlist of selected content translatable in different languages that offer fun yet meaningful, easily accessible guided techniques to sharpen awareness, enhance focus and also relax plus recharge through physical postures, breath awareness and meditation specifically for children & teenagers.


Live Interactive Sessions

We are already facilitating weekly open sessions for children and teens in different countries/languages that can be accessed by interested students. These sessions are a combination of Art of Living yogic techniques, fun and game, including postures for physical strength, breathing exercises for revitalization and short meditative processes for relaxation, clarity of mind & meaningful insights.

Exclusive Offering

Eye Care

We have designed special workshops catering to the fatigue we are facing with overuse of technology: “Yoga for Eyecare”.


For Youth & Parents

A unique way for parents, children and teenagers to spend time together in front of the screen! Presenting a series of yogic techniques guided online, to nurture and maintain your visual senses. 


For Teachers

This specialised workshop will not only equip teachers to relieve their own optic pressures but also train them to share these efficient techniques with their students during their online classes.

Taking the

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